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SmarT eVents's team of professionals includes people with vast experience in organizing different types of events. They are young, experienced and with ideas and solutions for any type of event or budget for each and every client.



With great professional and personal relationships, we can provide a wide variety of artist for different kind of events, from presentors and MC's to singers, actors and other types of entertainers (illusionists, flare bartenders, dancers, etc).


We are working both with Romanian and International booking agencies and also directly, with certain artists.


For artist roster, please contact us.


Having over 20 years of experience in the business, we do work with the top players in the market, technical, logistics and talent.


We worked with private and public entities at important events - The Golden Stag Festival, New Year's Events, Beer Fests and numerous cities celebrations.


Quality, Safety and Success are our main goals!


We have an extended database of locations for different types of events.


From weddings and other special events to corporate and public events, we do have the experience, the logistics  and the professional personnel to ensure the success of your event.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events?    

"Hello, Just back in the office after a few days vacation. I just wanted to thank you for the unbelievable job you did in pulling off the Bucharest gig. Mr. Anka and the band were estatic. We couldn't have accomplished this without each one of you. Hope to see you again under less hectic circumstances. Thanks! "

Rick Fantl - Production Manager for Paul Anka

"Great meeting you and thank you again for everything. It was a really great experience and look forward in working together again. David sais thanks also for taking care of him :) Take care!"

Rafael Molina - Tour Manager for David Bisbal

"Dear Cristian, 

Just a few lines to thank you for all your help and your warm welcome.

We are grateful for all your work  and your efforts that made this stressful date  go smoothly at the end! 

Lucky to have you in our team!

Thank on our behalf all the people that worked for us . 

Kind regards" 

Patrick Shart - Manager of Charles Aznavour

"Hi Cristian,


I would like to thank you once more for all you did at the last minute to make things happen as well as possible! It was very appreciated.

Have a nice day

Kind regards"

Severiano Lessinger-Seiz - Junior Agent of GAROU

I Love the 90's            Carla's Dreams  

                                         Concert Ngoc

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